Can I get Head Lice from Theater Seats?
Can I get Head Lice from Theater Seats?
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Home > > Can I get Head Lice from Theater Seats?

Can I get Head Lice from Theater Seats?
By jeff kinser
7/3/2006 8:52:00 AM

Question: Can I get head lice from Theater seats?

Answer: YES! Head Lice can survive off of the body easily for several hours. While sitting in a theater seat, it is easy for the head lice to crawl off the infected persons head and onto the seat. When the next movie starts and another person sits in the same chair, the head lice crawl back onto the new head and now that person is infected with lice.

There are several ways to prevent this. First, ask the theater if they use any type of spray on a regular basis to prevent head lice on the theater seats.

Second, take your own spray with you.Get an 8 ounce spray bottle and put 1 ounce of Kleen Free Enzyme in it and then fill it with water. Spray this on the seat before sitting down.

Third, Use a product that prevents lice. A spray containing peppermint will help keep lice off of the head it is sprayed on. Lice do not like the smell of peppermint and will not go near it. This is a great product for your kids. Just spray it every morning before school and help keep the lice away.

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